Gorazd je bil prostovoljev v skupnosti Livonsaari na Finskem leta 2018. Takole je odgovoril na vprašanje o vplivu projekta na lokalno skupnost.

What is the influence of your EVS project on local scale/community?

Mine & my team’s EVS project influences the local community in many different ways. In the time frame of 7 months we assisted members of the Livonsaari community with the tasks ranging from the work in communal garden, multiple house and shelter constructions, general maintenance, firewood preparation, helping the community to host courses & workshops and much more. Of course all this is a two way exchange, as for all the help we offered the community provided us with opportunities to learn, which are very difficult to come by in our everyday lives. In this way, the influence of our EVS project  is also the freshness which our many backgrounds, skills and cultures bring to the community, which is something that the community themselves pointed out quite often. We are bringing a different point of view, ideas and motivation which in a combination with the platform of knowledge, tools and other resources results in the improved quality of life for the community and us, the volunteers. This project is inspiring volunteers to explore a more self sufficient lifestyle in a combination with the green enterpreneurship. Finally, this project is breaking the feeling of countryside isolation which is very much present across the rural areas in Finland and Europe. Community members don’t need to travel in order to feel connected to outside world, as the European youth is coming to them instead, building a bridge between urban and rural. Whatluence  EVS project on national scale?

On national scale, the bubbles of Evs projects and engaged volunteers reaching out to the Finish citizens are slowly creating valuable connections and networks. A deep cultural exchange is taking place which tourism doesn’t provide.
What is the influence of your EVS project on European scale?

After engaging in this project, I feel an  even stronger European identity, more able to connect, collaborate and create across the national and cultural borders, more appreciation for the opportunites we have as a generation, more responsibility for what is happening in my immediate and wider surrounding  and empowered to engage in the social, environmental and economical regeneration on any level that I can access.