Nemška skupnosti Friedenshof se veseli, da medse za 1 leto sprejme slovenskega prostovoljca (med 18 in 30 let). Prijave potekajo do 17. avgusta oz. dokler ne najdemo primerne osebe, zato čim prej napišite motivacijsko pismo in CV v angleščini na

Možen pričetek prostovoljstva je od sredine septembra do začetka novembra.

We are a small interreligious community (8 adults), that takes inspiration from the ideals and values of the Arche according to Lanza del Vasto, viz.:

– building relationships in the spirit of non-violence,

– searching for consistency between thoughts and actions,

– having respect for the otherness of the Other,

– cultivating collectivity,

– simplifying life,

– being dedicated to more justice and peace,

– cultivating freedom of opinion and freedom of expression

In addition, we are inspired by the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, the Christian-ecumenical Taizé- community and teachers of other spiritual traditions. Our home is an old farm north of Hannover.

We endeavor to ensure careful interactions with each other and with nature, a simple way of life and a spiritual connection in everyday life. We pursue meaningful work on the farm and outside of the farm, and we share our earnings in the form of a solidarity-based economy. A joint daily routine creates the framework for our common life.

Our most important activities are:

– making a place and a structure available for common life

– doing meaningful work in the rhythm of the four seasons, the festivals, the personal needs as well

as the needs of the community

– occupying, discovering and creating different work areas and testing oneself in exciting projects

– establishing a welcome culture in the admission process of guests and volunteers

– organising and conducting seminars

– providing for space and infrastrucure (meals, guest rooms) for seminars and workshops

– accommodating a Syrian refugee and supporting his process of integration

– maintaining appropriate animal welfare standards (for sheep, chickens and bees) and processing

the sheep milk

– cultivating ecological vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as maintaining fruit trees ecologically

– processing fruits and vegetables from the garden

– restoring/renovating/rebuilding of the old buildings according to ecological guidelines

– providing space fore silence and meditation

The reasons why our guests and volunteers come to us vary greatly, because at our place, a variety of needs can be met. Our guests and volunteers are people

– who would like to experience religious openness

– who would like to flee from the chaos of the world of consumption and the world of work, who

would like to try a different art of working and who would like to become more familiar with

new work areas

– who would like to become familiar with community life

– who are looking for retreat and recovery

– who find themselves in a phase of reorientation and refocusing in their lives

– who take an active part in a special seminar

We share our talents and our characters, our time, our joy and sorrow, our money. That entails a transformation process, as we were raised in a world where one only takes care of oneself, and at the most, for one’s closest relatives.

We notice that this transformation is worthwhile: we experience personal inner growth, and we enjoy a bigger freedom with regard to external obligations. Beyond these perceptible benefits, there is a ‘Miracle of Community’ that is difficult to convey. Perhaps you can experience it a little, when you come here.


Aim of the project is to enable a young Slovenian person to get to know alternative ways of life and work in an international dimension as well as to discover various subjects like sustainability, community life, spirituality, communication, economics and non-violence theoretically but particularly practically.

By supporting the participant the community will strengthen its intercultural abilities and benefit from the volunteer’s experiences. Trainees, guests, seminar participants and village community may gain intercultural experiences due to interchange with the volunteer.

The volunteer will participate in the community life’s structure (3 daily rituals) and have various responsibilities. There are routine work, tasks based on different community projects or seasons as well as the own projects of the volunteers.

Routine work includes e.g.: chicken care, to milk sheep and process the milk, work in the garden and greenhouses, cooking in the communal kitchen, household tasks, help with accommodating guests. Tasks based on small or big projects may be: supporting the economic reconstruction of the former livestock building, process fruit and veggies, assist with beekeeping e.g. centrifuge honey, help founding a food cooperation, maintain computer and the network, collaborate in public relations (homepage maintenance, design flyer, presentations for external events etc.), participate in advanced trainings for community life (tools for communication and decision-making, principles of solidary economy), join interexchange with other communities or networks (e.g. Arche, GEN).

Own projects may be e.g.: building a pond, replanting and being responsible for a part of the garden, discover kitchen passion, creative projects (video about the Friedenshof, art of building, musical or performing share to community events etc.), pedagogic projects (garden or workshop activities for children or adults).


Eight persons live in the Friedenshof Kommunität e.V., four of which are men, and four of which are women. All of them will probably be actively involved in the admission process of an EVS-volunteer within the scope of Erasmus+. In addition, there are additional short-term volunteers, guests, or apprentice volunteers on site nearly on a permanent basis, with whom the volunteer will, in part, cooperate.

The following trained/studied professionals are represented in the community: a mechanical engineer, a community worker, a social education worker, a yoga teacher, a biologic laboratory technician, an occupational therapist, a housekeeper, an art therapist, a meditation teacher (mindfulness), a high school teacher of religion and politics. Apart from that, there is of course a wide range of skills and experiences that will be helpful for the organisation of an Erasmus+ activity and the admission process of volunteers, such as the experiences in the fields of bookkeeping and finances that come with a non-profit organisation, the extensive experience of all of the members of the community in the fields of mentoring and guiding guests and apprentice volunteers, including the provision of work instructions and safety precautions.

Some of the members of the community have themselves gained experiences as volunteers in a foreign (European or non-European) country.

All of the members of the community have good English language skills, and most of them have good French language skills as well.

Experience with group processes and organisation

Our community is organised by different types of meeting. There are the organisational meetings, the emotional meetings, meetings for taking up and developing our visions and values, and we have a supervision three times a year. During those meetings, we involve the volunteers, so that they can gain various experiences and learn skills. These include the method of decision by consensus, experiences with constellation work, deep listening, conflict solution in the group and with individuals, non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg, community building according to Scott Peck and many more.

Experience with management and accounting

The Friedenshof Kommunität e.V. is a charitable association. The members of the community have experience in managing the association, accounting, and all of the other administrative tasks.

Experience with meditation, prayyer and inner workshops

Members of the community have much experience in meditation and prayer and can assist those volunteers who are interested with developing these skills. Furthermore, all of the members of the community are familiar with inner work, i.e. with self reflection, dealing with and exchanging their personal opinions and values.

Experience with volunteers

We all have much experience in welcoming guests and short-term volunteers. All guests and volunteers are integrated into community life, and take an active part in everyday life, depending on the length of stay. We have experience in providing work instructions, safety precautions, and in explaining work processes. All guests and volunteers are shown the houses and the site, to enable them to navigate around independently. Furthermore, we hold ready information on recreational activities, public transport and public life in the surrounding area.

Experience in various work areas

We operate in many different work areas. These include: art therapy, cultivating vegetables, herbs and flowers, sheep- and chicken farming, renovating/resoring buildings, log- and metalwork, sustainable power generation (sun, wood), landscaping, site design, helping refugees, office work related to the association and the BGB company, publishing publications, producing a wide range of products for sale (wine, ointments, spreads, pieces of turned wood, juices…), guest service, being hosts for seminars, international networking practices within the scope of the International Arche and the Global Ecovillage Network.

Experience with funding and cooperating with public authorities

The Friedenshof Kommunität e.V. has cooperated with the LEB (ländliche Erwachsenenbilding, i.e. rural adult education) for many years. We also have experience in acquiring supporting members for the association and in acquiring loan providers for the real estate. Furthermore, until a few years ago, there was a collaboration with the job centre in order to create jobs.

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