Odprta je prijava za prostovoljski ESC projekt v skupnosti v Franciji. Projekt se prične 1. oktobra 2020 in traja do junija 2021. Iščemo 1 slovenskega udeleženca, ki se bo skupaj še z enim prostovoljcem vključen v dnevno življenje v skupnosti. Naloge obeh prostovoljcev bodo vključevale: vrtnarjenje, skrb za koze, ekogradnja, izvajanje aktivnosti za otroke in mlade, skrb za vodo in energetsko preskrbo…

ESC financira stroške poti, bivanja, zavarovanja in mesečne žepnine. Prijavijo se lahko mladi do 30. leta starosti.

Nekaj fotografij.

The Hameau des Buis is an ecovillage member of GEN Europe. Twenty bioclimatic houses made of wood, clay and straw are home to forty people of all generations. We have a goat herd and a market garden, as well as a bakery where our bread and delicious croissants are cooked. The volunteers will support the agricultural activity : accompany the goats on their daily outings, help in the garden. They will also have the opportunity to play with the children, participate in the cultural and festive activities of the ecovillage with all the inhabitants.
The volunteers will live together in one of the bioclimatic houses, where they will have a bathroom and a kitchen. They will be able to buy their supplies in our association’s shop and at our farmers’ market. They will be provided with a bicycle for short trips, and can be accompanied by car to the nearby town if necessary.
Volunteers will be able to discover food-producing agricultural activities through permaculture and goat breeding, but also soap making, cosmetics, food processing…many opportunities for informal learning through interactions with retired people willing to pass on their knowledge and experiences. They will also be able to practice relational management tools (e.g. restaurative circles).
We welcome young people who are enthusiastic, curious and eager to share their culture and ours.
To apply, please send a message to Françoise : francoise@hameaudesbuis.org


ESC v skupnosti Hameau des Buis v Franciji